Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All kinds of showers

These days, its been gloomy and ugly in Michigan. Rainy and overcast, no sunny days to take photos, and not only that its COLD! I dug back out the sweatshirts and sweaters, that I had thought were banished from my wardrobe. It seems like winter is back to haunt us and maybe that is a good thing. Cold weather = a need for knit hats to cover little heads. (Be sure to check out my new designs on facebook.)

Speaking of showers, Sarah's baby shower is this Friday! How is that possible? You might be wondering. As most of you know my sister Sarah, lives in CO, and the rest of us reside here in MI. Sarah has sent us a video phone, so we will be calling her during the shower. So, she can really be a part of it! I am so excited to see her open all her presents for lil baby girl Spence. Even though we can't be there, we can all enjoy being with her through this amazing technology!

I think I might be more excited for this baby to get here, than Sarah. Baby Spence is my inspiration for most of my knit designs. She is the main reason I really got into knitting and will be my first baby model! So, hurry up, little one, we all want to meet you!

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