Monday, April 23, 2012

I just love how the air changes in spring. The bright rays for the sun warming up the earth. Changing and making everything grow fresh and new. This season inspired me to make changes too! I re-designed my shop and made the switch to a .com! Check out my timeline photo on facebook. This week I am giving away an adorable stocking cap hat on facebook. And next week I will be launching my giant 10k giveaway (in honor of reaching 10,000 fans! But today, because of my brand new look, I wanted to give more away - so visit my shop and use the code FREEHALO - on all orders over $25 for a free halo - TODAY ONLY! (First 10 customers!) You must have $25 worth of items in your cart AND add the halo to your cart - and then use the code. This is how the shop is set up to work.

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