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Featured Photographer: Jennifer Priester from Jen Priester Photography

Jennifer Priester  - Jen Priester Photography - Facebook
Location: Auburn Hills, Ann Arbor, Oakland, and surrounding areas, Michigan

Sailor Beanie
Style of Photography/Specialty: I photograph mainly newborns and families. I recently branched out into weddings and love it!

Tell us a little about yourself: I am so grateful to have found what I love so young, and happy I can spend the rest of my life doing it! My husband and I got married at 19 and are approaching our 6 year anniversary. Married life is bliss and we are wanting to start a family in the next few years.

What type of camera do you use? I am a Nikon girl-not for any reason. It was the kind of camera I started with and so I stuck with it. I currently shoot with the Nikon d800 and d700.

Kelley Bonnet in Bark and Cloud
How did you get started? I got started on accident, actually! I got a beginner level DSLR and started taking pictures for fun. I photographed my first newborn session and fell in love. I knew that day that photographing newborns was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! Then people started calling me, and the rest is history! I officially started my business in January of 2011 and it’s been an awesome journey!

What inspires you? Definitely Jesus. I became a Christian when I was 16 years old and my life has been amazing ever since. God is Love, and only wants good for us. I credit God with every good thing that is in my life. Other than Jesus, my husband inspires me, my family, and most recently, our new kitten who turned 1 in February =)

What is your most favorite photo you've taken? I have so many. I always say that my most favorite photo is the one I will take tomorrow. But I think I will make this one personal, and say probably the one I took of my kitty when we first got her at 6 weeks old. She is the coolest cat ever, and lets me take photos of her and do whatever to her. I took this shot on my own, which was funny. I had to hold her up, set my camera timer, hold her toy in front of her face so she would look, and hope it would work. It was worth it, this photo is hanging up in my home and still make me smile every time I see it!

What are your other talents/hobbies/interests? I also am a musician. I play drums, guitar, piano, and violin. My husband is the music director at our church and when he travels around I usually play with him-it’s so fun! I love to cook. I have lots of healthy recipes that I can even get my husband to eat as well. I love to read books, my favorite is definitely the Bible and anything written by Bill Johnson!

What is your favorite Devoted Knits item?
The Little Loves Stocking Cap. I love the tassel! 

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