Monday, April 11, 2011


Dear friends, I have decided to start out in a new venture. This past year was filled with changes for me. I planned a wedding. My two grandmothers died. Daniel got laid off. We got married. I worked 3 jobs while Daniel got as many side jobs as he could. Four more of our loved ones passed away.Yet through it all, by God's grace we have grown closer and share a stronger bond of love.

It was at my grandfathers funeral last month, that I was inspired, by something my mom pointed out. My grandpa was a great example of being a hard worker and a self starter. This influenced everyone of his children and grandchildren. We are a living legacy of what we have learned from our parents, and our grandparents. It forms who we are and shapes and guides us through the rest of our lives. This being said, all of my mom's sisters and brothers have started their own companies. (And some of the grand kids have too!) They are entrepreneurs making their mark in the business world. They have seen amazing success, have rallied support in the hard times and come out amazing on the other side. Learning from their mistakes and being encouraged by their victories, they have carried on the legacy of my grandfather. Diligence, industriousness, and perseverance.

It is in these footsteps that I wish to plant my feet. I will dream big. Starting my own knitting store on Etsy. I will do something that I love to do, and in doing that my life will not be one of drudgery and labor, but joy in creating. I am excited about this new adventure, and hope many of you will follow me in my journey of being a new print to follow in my grandfathers steps.

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