Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cloud Curls: Organic Layering Piece by Devoted Knits

Cloud Curls are the perfect accent for organically styled newborn photos. 
They add dimension and texture to your newborn photos. 

The curls are shorn from the sheep and washed and left in their glorious curled state. 
I love to be able to support other local businesses as I create darling little props.

Cloud curls are created using the most natural of fibers. 
They are versatile and make great basket stuffers or can be used alone, or on top of furs. 

They come in 3 different sizes - so you can get a little -- or a lot. It's super gorgeous don't you think?

Thank you: Sugar Free Photography, Pitter Patter Photography, Stephanie Kelly Photography, and Kimmy Howard Photography for these gorgeous photos. <3

Also shown Sinclair Cable Twist Bonnet in Muted Gray and SimplyWrap in Cocoa.

COUPON CODE : CCURLS5   valid for $5 off on 10/2 only.

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