Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bonnet Giveaway results!

Yesterday, I wanted to give back to my fans. I know it is hard to reach everyone on facebook. (They really seem to have it in for us small businesses, don't they?)I know, it can get frustrating to enter giveaways and not be eligible because its so hard to enter -- or because you aren't a photographer. So I made it open to the public and easy to enter (because I love you all) I was so thrilled when over 1,000 of you entered!! <3

Tonight, I picked a winner randomly. 
It is 
Whitney Andrews
of Whitney Leigh Photography. 

I love that she lives about 3 hours from me - and that facebook makes it possible to 'meet' people from far away -- or in our own backyard.

I am sending you a paypal for shipping and then will send along one of these little bonnets just for you, Whitney.

Keep watching my facebook page - and checking your email for my newsletters for more offers - and freebies!!


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