Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Devoted Knits is going to the Congo

Daniel and I (wonderful photo by Kellie Sinclair)
I normally don't write these kinds of blogs. But this is just too exciting to keep in. And the task is far too great for me to handle onmy own. I'm about to embark on a life changing adventure. I, with my husband and a small group from our church, will be headed to the Congo this coming summer July 3 - 20). I am most excited about this trip because I will be able to help with the deaf community in the area am able to communicate in sign language. I know this will be an asset to the group. We will be engaging with the community; ministering to youth and adults, including a significant ministry among deaf youth, who are considered to be outcasts in their culture. Our time there will be laying ground work for what we hope to have as an ongoing future ministry in Bukavu, Congo.  

Even now we are preparing to be able to be a blessing to the people in the Congo. We will be making pillowcase dresses for the little girls of the village of Bukavu. I am so excited to be able to be creative and make something that will light up a little girls eyes. I am excited that my skills and headband making will be put to good use. I am going to try to create flowers for the edging on some of the dresses.

While we are there I would love to be able to meet up with the child that Daniel and I have sponsored for the past 4 years, but we are unsure of being able to travel in between the Congo and other areas of Africa. 

As many of you know Congo is war torn and we will be in a dangerous area. This means the amount of funds needed will be pretty drastic, as getting in and out of the jungle will be costly. My husband is a contract worker and is not hired directly with his company, so for the two weeks we are gone - he will be doing without pay. But we are confident that this is something God wants us to do. We want to be able to help others with the time and energy that we have now while we are young. Together we need to raise $7,000. We are making alot of sacrifices on our own and have already saved 1/3 of what we need. But we are now, reaching out to you for help.

What I am asking of you: Search your heart and see how you can help us.
- Please donate funds via paypal. Send the money via paypal as a gift so that we will not be charged a fee. Send it via and mark in the notes Congo, Africa
- Purchase an item from my auction. I launched the auction Dec 9 and it will last until Dec 13th.
- Help me publicize the auction on your business pages. I know with how facebook is set up - it is nearly impossible to reach the audience we used to!
- Send happy thoughts, wishes and prayers our way. We can use all the love and support we can get.

With much Love
Devoted Knits

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