Monday, June 24, 2013

Purposeful Living: or How to Relax This Summer.

I recently watched Hitch. (You remember that Will Smith movie from almost 10 years ago?) It's filled with quotes we now see all over Pinterest. One of my favorite quotes is "Begin each day as if it were on purpose." It really got me thinking. Now that it's officially summer, that time of the year when going to the pool and vacations are on the forefront of our minds. Is there a way to relax and still get things done for my business?

Most of us, wake up just like we go to sleep. We fall asleep - and fall awake; with no real plan or purpose for the day. We deal with life as it hits us within our little routine. To be honest, I tend to rush through the day without much of a plan. I knit and then answer emails; I stop and do laundry. I wash dishes and then back to knitting. I am just all over the place. Most times, when the day ends I fall into bed, wondering where my day went and what I accomplished.

So how can I (and you) get out of this routine and create a new cycle?

Tips to begin your day with purpose:

1. Get it in writing. Plan and jot things down. Create a prioritized list. Try starting with your least favorite things first - so you get them done and over with. (Maybe that's editing or answering emails)

2. Think about tomorrow and prepare for it! Prep breakfast. Have your coffee pot ready to go. Make lunches the night before. Pick out your clothes (and your kids clothes). Prep your camera bag for the morning shoot. Prep your studio. Clean the kitchen, before bed, to ensure an easy morning. This all takes minutes the night before but means that you start the day right.

3. Be boss of the morning. Own it! Get up and ready for the day with anticipation. Putting off the start (ie sleeping in) only hurts you! I know when I do, it means I stay up til 2am to make up for it.

4. Take breaks. Be sure to have little moments of me time through the day. Dance in your kitchen with your kids, take a walk, listen to your favorite song. Remember to recharge!

5. Let it go. At the end of the day, don't overly criticize yourself. You did your best, and tomorrow is a new day.

When you plan to stay on top of things, you can accomplish more --which means you will have more time to rest and relax and recharge - which is what we all need.

Have any tips to share on how to live purposefully - leave them in the comments!

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